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We are a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for Judo and the philosophy that underpins it. Our history dates back to 1982, were our coaches founded the club with a vision to embrace and pass down the knowledge of Judo - the principles of respect, discipline and perseverance.

We believe that these values extend far beyond the dojo and can positively impact all aspects of our lives. Whether you are a experienced Judoka or a newcomer, we welcome you to join us in this journey of self-improvement and camaraderie.

Northampton Judo Club
Better than yesterday

Meet the coaches

At our Judo club, we have a dedicated focus on fostering the physical abilities, as well as the mental and emotional fortitude of our Judokas.

Our coaches bring individualised perspectives and teaching techniques, resulting in a diverse and enriching educational environment.

Red&white Belt
6th Dan

Clive Douglas

Clive was a member of the British National Squad and later had a highly successful career at master’s level, winning bronze five World Master’s Championships, including Japan, and gold at the European Masters.

He won the Canadian Masters and other competitions in North America, Europe and the UK Masters.

He has coached in the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and Thailand

Clive Douglas, Northampton Judo senior coach
Black belt
4th dan

Brian Atkins

Brian is the founder of the current Northampton Judo Club and remains an active coach

He was active as a mainstream and masters competitor and was twice British Masters Champion, and took part in the only World Masters Championships to be held at Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan in 2003

Brian currently holds the role of Chairman of the Club.

Brian Atkins, NJC founder and senior Judo coach
Black belt
5th dan

David Tompkins

Dave Dave started judo back in London and is a proud member of Northampton Judo Club since the start of the club.

Dave was fortunate to compete at the World Masters Championships to be held in Japan in 2003.

Being a Senior Examiner, Dave can grade you all the way up to the 5th Dan grade!

David Tompkins, a senior Northampton Judo Club coach
Black belt
3rd dan

Irene Clipston

Irene with over 45 years of experience has won multiple National and International Events. Irene is not only a black belt in Judo, but also in Karate.

As one of the Junior Coaching Team, Irene brings tremendous value to young players.

She runs the Saturday competition development class for Junior Squad,  helping young players prepare for bigger Judo events.

Irene Clipston, NJC Junior squad coach
Black belt
2nd dan

Dominic Laing

Dominic has represented Great Britain at multiple Under 21 International Events as a part of British National Squad with the record of a gold medal at Under 21 Commonwealth Championships.

Dominic is an excellent coach, who breaks the movements down, in such a way, that you learn them quickly and efficiently.

Dominic Laing, NJC senior coach
Black belt
2nd dan

Matt Woch

Matt has a strong Under 18 and Under 21 International and National Competition Record. With over 20 years of experience in Judo, Matt is fascinated with Judo philosophy, living and breathing the maxim of high efficiency and minimum effort.

Matt passes on his knowledge in a fun way during Junior Squad classes, sharing his passion to Judo ideology with the youngest players.

Matt Woch, Northampton Judo Club Junior Squad coach
Brown belt
1st Kyu

Adam Palmer

Looking for an environment where he could learn and safely practice full-contact martial arts, Adam came across NJC and started his Judo journey at the beginning of 2019.

He quickly climbed the ladder to the brown belt and now supports the coaches during the Junior classes.

Adam Palmer, Northampton Judo Club Junior coach assistant
Our history

1982 onwards

Since 1982 onwards, Northampton Judo Club has been a beacon of excellence in martial arts training, with a rich history of world-class coaches and Judokas.

Its legacy continues to inspire its members to embark on a journey of physical and mental transformation through the practice of Judo.

The start of Northampton Judo Club - Junior squad in the early 80's

The start of
Northampton Judo Club



Move from YMCA to
Timken Sports Club

Northampton Judo Club moving from YMCA to Timken Sports Club
Northampton Judo Club - Class with Neil Adams

Northampton Judo Club
with Neil Adams



NJC in the main dojo at the Kodokan, Tokyo

Northampton Judo Club in Kodakan, Japan
Walter Merino, a former Northampton Judo Club junior coach, receiving Northamptonshire Sport Award

Walter receiving N'ptonshire Sport Award



NJC winning gold at
3-man team competition

NJC winning gold in 3-man competition in 2018
Northampton Judo Club 1st in-house competition for junior players organised by coaches

1st in-house competition
for Juniors at NJC



Senseis' Eddie last class before retirement

Junior coach Eddie during his last session before retirement
Junior sessions outside during lockdown

Junior sessions
during the lockdown


Northampton Judo Club Junior Squad During Randori Freestyle fights training

Judo for Kids:
martial arts training for children

Judo Kids
NJC Junior Squad Randori Freestyle session